4 Good Deeds You Can Do on Your Birthday

birthday party for kids


Birthdays are a personal thing. It is the one day in the year that is about You. It is the day when one receives all the world’s love without any condition, and the whole vibe feels very wholesome. I sometimes wish it was my birthday every day of the year, but it practically does not make any sense. As much as birthdays are about receiving love, it is also about giving back to what has made you into the person you are today. While you can plan a STEAM birthday party for yourself, you can also plan to do a few good deeds on the day.


Here are five ideas of good deeds that will surely add more light to your day:


  • Feed Hungry people:

The world is too big, and even in the 21st century, the world hunger index has not decreased to zero. One cannot feed everybody on the planet but can undoubtedly feed a few needy people around the area. As a parent, one can also engage children in this activity and give the lifetime gift of a sense of sharing and caring to the community.


  • Donating to a shelter:

As we grow up, we lose the use of certain things in our lives. It includes our clothes, toys, books and other materials. We often have an emotional attachment to them and thus do not give it away. Birthday is a day to realize that we are growing up, and it creates an idea of finally giving a few things out. Shelter homes always need different types of material, and what is better than spreading happiness and receiving blessings and smiles on your birthday.


  • Adopt an Animal:

Animals are human’s absolute best friends, but sadly not all of us value their importance and do not give them the love they deserve. The stray shelters and animal service centres have many rescues that one can adopt. It is a step towards getting a best friend and giving a better life to a homeless animal. It is also important to note and understand whether you can take on such a responsibility; remember, pets are not a showpiece or toy. Commit to this deed only if you can carry it out.


  • Make new friends:

The most underrated good deed in the world is being friendly with new people and making friends. As kids and even adults, birthdays are the time when we have a golden opportunity to make new ties and relationships. Reconcile with your old buddies, say thank you, be grateful for all you have and last but not least, wish yourself the best of everything.


Whether you plan to have a regular thing, a STEAM birthday party, or anything, make sure a tiny part of all of it is making you happy. Birthdays are about having a whole day for yourself; better do it right with love, care, blessings and everything best. I hope and wish that your birthday is better and more meaningful this year than any other day of your life. Have fun and enjoy.