Best summer activities that your kid can’t miss out 

summer activities for kids


Summers is all about kids and the different activities they could do. Parenting a decade back was a bit easy in dealing with kids since they had fewer distractions and would focus more on physical activities. However, the arrival of computers and technology has changed parenting dynamics and how to deal with your kid. Nowadays, every other kid has an iPad, and even a three-year-old oil knows how to scroll on YouTube and get their favorite cartoons online. This hyperactive brain needs so much energy, and this energy needs to be spent on something more productive than addictive.  

Mindnasium brought a few of these summer activities for kids that can come in handy while looking after your children during summer break.  


Cooking/Baking Together


The idea is to spend more and more time with your kids. It must be a fun day for your kid to bake some cupcakes or cookies with you. You let them play with the cookie dough and add each ingredient with their own hands. The activity will help boost confidence and self-belief in kids. You can always show them the turnover of that little baking activity would be some yummylicious cookies. 


  • Build something together  

Whether it be building a Lego together or watching a YouTube tutorial about how to make slime, this is where you both learn together and enjoy each other Tiny tiny milestones. Even when playing with the dough and making something out of it, you will notice they will be interested in creating and learning something new.  


  • Scanvenger Hunt Party  

Summer breaks for kids are incomplete without their friends. While your kids can’t meet them in school, you can invite some of them to your place and start a scavenger hunt where they have to find some props hidden in different corners of the room. The search is so fun for kids who want to play it again and again.  


  • DIY Art projects

Messy painted hands and water everywhere! It seems like a nightmare to you but so fun to your kids, and they would learn something new if you tried a recent art activity with them. Make a house out of ice cream sticks, paint a picture or color basic pasta available in your home, and make artwork.  


  • Doing Yoga Together

As essential and interactive as other activities might sound, you would never want your child to miss out on some significant physical activities. Connecting your child to a divine world of yoga and concentration is impressive, and you could build a connection with your child regarding physical activities that rejuvenate your spirit. Yoga is a habit that you can develop in your kid to help them grow a better amount of mental peace.  


  • Summer camps all the way!  

Talking about summers and not including summer camps in the activities wouldn’t sit well. Mindnasium summer camp is here to indulge your kids in some standard STEAM activities. The model would include science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We believe that physical activities are equally important that your kids can enjoy, so Mindnasium also focuses on jumping, running, swimming, and other physical activities.  


Go on a vacation, plan a beach trip or stay safe at home doing indoor activities. This summer, make a resolution that you will be spending your dimmer productively with your kids., It will enhance their mental activity, and they will be more excited and active than usual when working together with you as a parent. Listen to them more, cater to their curiosity and make this summer memorable for your children with Mindnasium.