Elementary Summer Camp Games at Mindnasium

elementry Games in sumer camps

Elementary learning includes fundamental skills and concepts children learn during their early school years. These include social studies, number literacy, vocabulary, science, and critical thinking. Mindnasium has developed an elementary summer camp during the warm summer season that will help children up to age ten stay fresh and active while enhancing their cognitive skills. Let’s look at some Mindnasium Indoor Summer Camp Games and how they provide children with hands-on learning experiences and social interaction.


Summer Camp Experience at Mindnasium

Mindnasium’s summer camps provide a dynamic recreational environment that blends elementary learning with fun. All activities and games are designed to ensure children enjoy their summer vocations while excelling academically. Children are encouraged to explore STEM concepts and use critical thinking to solve exciting riddles, puzzles, and obstacle courses. Hence, it allows children to improve their numeracy, vocabulary, reading, writing, and artistic skills. Moreover, the nurturing environment is perfect for creating friends and lasting memories.


Get on the adventure to learn – Elementary Learning Games at Mindnasium

Elementary learning games at summer camps enhance problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and social interaction between children. Following learning games, approaches are actively used by Mindnasium:

  • Active Learning Games

Active learning games include outdoor exploration, scavenger hunt, obstacle courses, mystery boxes, and field trips. These games include riddles, puzzles, quizzes, and multiple games that promote literacy, vocabulary, numeracy, and problem-solving skills.

  • Creative Learning Games

These games encourage children to think creatively and out of the box. These include arts and crafts, painting, pottery designs, performing arts, dancing, and storytelling.

  • Problem-Solving Games

Problem-solving games include pattern recognition, strategic board games, escape rooms, and coding challenges. Risk, Monopoly, Sudoku, Scrabble, Minecraft, Qwirkle, and Blokus are some games at Mindnasium summer camp 2024.

  • Mathematical/Logical Games

Mindnasium provides one of the best STEM camps in Frankly Square that helps children master their scientific and mathematical skills. Mathematical and logical games such as chess, tangrams, math bingo, logic puzzle grids, code master, math dice, and rush hour help develop a child’s strategic thinking, logical reasoning, programming, spatial awareness, and analytical thinking skills.

  • Exploratory Games

Children love to investigate nature and the world, conduct science experiments, experiment, and visit exhibitions. Mindnasium, during their Summer Camp in New York, takes children to the Cradle of Aviation, where they learn about discoveries, science, and the history of air and space travel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mindnasium Offer Overnight Summer Camp?

No, Mindnasium Indoor Summer Camps are only offered during the daytime. All camps provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for children to play and learn from exciting activities.


When should you register for summer camp at Mindnasium?

Registration for Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024 is open both online and in-visit. Be quick to secure a spot for your child, as seats often fill in fast.


How to Register for Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024?

It is quick and easy to register for Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024. Parents can enroll online or contact our summer camp coordinators to find dates, fees, and details on availability. Mindnasium looks forward to welcoming your child for a summer filled with fun and learning.



Mindnasium Summer camps offer engaging educational and recreational activities that inspire children’s curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills. A diverse set of elementary learning games are used to help children learn scientific, mathematical, and social skills that embark them on a journey filled with success. Enroll your kids today and let them discover a world of endless elementary fun.