Five play ideas for families with kids

Five Play Ideas For Families With Kids


Family get-togethers were a thing a decade back. Time spent with the family was the most precious time for all of us. However, the world’s dynamics have changed since we married and the kids were born. It was going through a significant technological shift which our new generations have adapted. While we are happy about how quick learners our kids are. We should also look into how much exposure they are getting through only using technology that they are almost losing the sense and touch of family and relationships. Indoor and outdoor games have been a talk of the past now. Nobody these days can let your kids peacefully spend time with them because they believe they have a short span of attention.  


Mindnasium brings fun play ideas that help you spend time with your kids and enjoy it. Here are some kid’s activities that would involve the whole family in it.  


  • Pretend Plays  

Pretend plays are the most fun to play, we all enjoyed them as kids, and our kids equally enjoy them. The idea is to help kids learn something good, whether moral, educational or just letting them absorb the positivity. A restaurant pretends play could enhance their table manners, and Grocery store, they can learn essential purchases and sales and how it works. You can even mock a mechanic shop and help them play with their small tool kit. Anything done together is fruitful and a learning experience for your children.  


  • The oldie Board Games 

The most conventional way of bringing families together is board games. They actually give you a chance to spend ample time with your family. Introducing board games to your kids will help them with solid brain exercise as they learn how to play and try to win the game. The competition would excite them more and more.  


  • The Movie Theatre 

You can also make a movie theatre in your standard room with all the lights off and see a classic Disney or marvel movie with your kids, depending upon their choice. The whole family can enjoy it with popcorn. Make some fake creative movie tickets and caramel popcorn with coke to freshen up the night. This could be your Friday night activity as a family together.  


  • Treehouse 

Building a tree house is an old tradition, but you could use your van or anything to spend quality time together. You can bake cupcakes together and play truth and dare as a family. It would be interactive and exciting for your child.  


  • Bon Fire 

You can only manage a camping trip in the middle of a month for work commitments and busy schedules. However, we have an excellent idea for you with the small camp and a bonfire. You can enjoy the barbeque and kebabs and also play Chinese whisper along with it., Boeing at the back of your house and enjoying the outdoors can be entertaining.  


Spending time together as a family is essential, and it contributes to the personality development of everyone. We all crave a family bonding that helps us grow and share all the good and bad days together. Mindnasium always promotes a strong bond between parents and kids. Your kid’s mental and physical growth should be your priority as it further results in them being good and healthy human beings and adults.