Fun Activities for Kids in Franklin Square NY

kids having fun at summer birthday party.

One of the hardest things in modern New York is to find ways to spend time with your kids. It is extremely tough to decide on fun activities for kids. You cannot take them to dinner, have a conversation, and be back. They want to feel that adrenaline rush; they want to run, jump, play, and do whatever possible things an adult would not want to do. If you live in or around Franklin Square, Newyork, and are looking for fun activities for kids, this article is your ultimate answer.


  • Mindnasium:


This is a perfect experience for kids below the age of 10. This place provides open-plays and fun indoor and outdoor tasks; centered around STEM, learning, and growing. It is a whole package since it brings fun with a lesson. They provide services of group play and so much more. The staff is super friendly and professional. You can always register through their website or call to reserve a booking.


  • Slot-A-lot raceway:


If your kid is into cars and adventure, this place would be a perfect spot for them. It offers model racing tracks and a lot of other fun activities for kids. They also provide services for birthdays, camping, and parties. They also happen to have a whole Saturday program specifically for kids, which includes food and racing.


  • Challenge escape rooms:


If your kid likes solving mysteries, this is perfect for them. A family can do this together, making the day fun. You will have 60 mins to unlock enjoyment and escape the themed room.


  • Rolling video games long island:


We all have heard, seen, and gone to video game stations, but how about a video game station that comes to you? Yes, you read it right. Rolling video games is a brand new idea of a mobile video game truck; contact them, give your address and have the best parties and get-togethers.


  • Chuck E. Cheese:


What is better than video games? Food and video games. This place provides the best food with so many fun games. It also caters to events and birthday parties of all kinds. Head Over to their website to find the best deals and packages for your needs.


  • Long Island Children’s Museum:


It might seem like an activity not most of the kids would like to do, but it can turn out to be informative and close to history kind of day; their exhibits are worth the time.


These places are stunning when it comes to finding a fun activity for your kid; there is a whole variety and budget plans. The most important thing is to know the kind of activities your kid is interested in, try not to push them out of their zone, decide on something that feels good to both of you. Once you know it, plan a whole day, start with a delicious breakfast, go for a walk, then head over to any of the suggested places, get some food and drinks to freshen up, and you have unlocked the quest of making your kid happy.