Fun Activities to Improve Speech and Language Skills for kids in Nassau County

Fun Activities to Improve Speech and Language Skills for kids in Nassau County

It is already hard for you and your child because you have a communication gap with them due to your child’s difficulty speaking. But you do not need to make the treatment process arduous for you and your kid. There are some fun activities that you could do with your child to make sure that the kid is improving their speech and language skills while having fun. But what could be more fun than games? This article brings some exciting and simple games to play with your child, which would also aid their learning. . But you should keep in mind that the games we suggest here are in no way a substitute for professional help but should be supplemented with them. For kids’ speech therapy in Nassau county mindnasium provides outstanding services. 



You could play hopscotch with your child but with a little twist. Instead of traditional numbered blocks, you would write some words in each block. After you have written the words, ask your child to say them out loud as they skip from one box to another. Hopscotch would not only help improve their physical health by making them exercise, but it would also help them learn to pronounce.

I spy 


“I spy” is also a fun exercise. In this game, you would ask your child to choose one object in the room that you can also see. After the child is done choosing, you would ask them to provide you clues so that you can guess. Then you can take your turn providing clues, and the child would guess. This game would not only help them overcome their difficulty in speaking but would also help them to increase their vocabulary and the ability to make fluent sentences.

The Alphabet Game 


Our third game on the list is “The Alphabet Game.” It is the easiest and most fun game because you can play it on the go while traveling or walking. For this game, all you have to do is ask your child to identify the letters of the alphabet on the signposts. If your child is a bit older, you could do a competition where anyone who identifies all 26 letters first wins. This game would help your child with pronunciation.

Burying Objects 


Another game that you could play outside is burying objects or picture cards. You would have to bury those objects or picture cards beneath a pile of leaves. If you’re indoors, hiding them in a pile of clothes can also be an option. After burying them, you should ask your child to find them. When the kid finds them, ask them to pronounce the name of the object or the object on the picture card. This game is developed to help your kid form fluent sentences and pronounce them better.



Hide-and-seek is the favorite go-to game when it comes to kids. So what’s better than using this opportunity to help them with their speech therapy? In this game, you could hide objects and cards around the house and ask your child to look for them. When the child comes with the found object, you ask them to pronounce it. So, with some tempering, a traditional game could become a perfect learning tool.

Joining the right word with the right picture


Another fun activity you can do with your kids, if they can read, is to ask them to join the words with the pictures of the objects. For that, make two rows, one containing the words and the other with pictures, and shuffle their order. When your kid successfully matches the word with the picture, make them pronounce it.



One fun activity is charades. You place a card without seeing it on the headband. Then you should make your child give you clues to help you guess. This would not only help them pronounce but would also help form fluent sentences. 

Words Search


The last game we will introduce to you is “word search.” The advantage of this game is that you can play with kids of older ages as well. This can be done by looking for a word search that best suits your child’s age. After they have found a word, ask them to say it aloud so they can work on their pronunciation while playing.