How to Arrange Fun and Educational Contests for Enrichment Stem Program Kids?

Fun and Educational Contests for Enrichment Stem Program Kids


Many people in science, engineering, or technology have been passionate about their fields since they were kids. And this passion and encouragement arise when children are given ample space and opportunities to explore their interests through different activities. So today, we will share with you some of the fun and educational contests and experiments for enrichment STEM program kids. This will surely make them have a lot of fun performing these experiments and learn how to function as a group.


Top 3 Ways to Organize Enrichment Stem Program Kids:


Below are some of the most interesting, fun, and educational STEM experiments for kids to recreate with their classmates. Let’s see how they’re done in the simplest way possible.


Perform the classic “Volcano” experiment:


  • This classic volcano experiment is one of the famous experiments of many adults now when they were in school. It’s easy, safe, and imposing to look at. For your enrichment STEM program, kids, all you need to do to recreate this project is to:


  • First of all, take a long bottle and pour in 10ml of any liquid soap, 100ml of water, 400ml of white vinegar, and, if you wish, a few drops of red or orange food color.


  • Next, take a small bowl and mix half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of water. Mix it well.


  • It’s going time! Pour the baking soda and water mixture into the bottle with your vinegar mixture and watch the “lava” erupt!



Make a Matchstick or Toothpick Maze:


This experiment is also straightforward and fun for all those who wish to put in lesser efforts but have just as much fun. Here is how you can do it:


Take a big piece of paper or a card sheet, and draw a maze on it with a pencil.
Now, glue little matchsticks or toothpicks over the maze that you drew.
Use marble or a toy car to trace your way back to the end from the beginning!



Build a Solar Oven:


This one is a little advanced but nothing too difficult for a school kid to recreate. Follow the steps below to make your very own solar oven:


Firstly, take a pizza box and cover the inside of its lid with aluminum foil.
Next, cover the bottom with a matte black card.
Place your food choice (like s’mores) into a bottom, and set the lid straight open. Place it directly under the sun so that the light reflects on the food.
Finally, cover the food with plastic cling film. Within a few minutes, you will have your very own s’mores!



So, here is how you can arrange fun and educational STEM enrichment programs for kids to make them interested in science, maths, engineering, or technology. The best way to make it easier for kids is to simplify STEM and make it fun and engaging to participate actively.