Indoor Play Ideas for Kids- Winter Holiday Edition

Winter Themed Indoor Play Area For Kids in Nassau County


Winter Holidays just started, and Christmas fun is not ending yet! It is the most fantastic time of the year for kids to enjoy their winter vacations with cozy sweaters and hot chocolates. The meals are just above the charts for winter because they get to eat every hot dish they want, along with mac and cheese as their comfort food.

The start of the winter holidays is super fun due to christmas, but there comes the point when parents really want to look out for indoor activities for kids as they aren’t able to play outside for a long time. Kids are about more than just enjoying the weather sitting near the fireplace. They want some fun, and here are some of the best indoor play ideas for kids.


Board Games with Family time

Family time is essential, yet we often fail to have a good one. Our routines are so packed with work and other details that we forget to spend time together as a family. Some fun board games like chess, monopoly, scrabble, and Snake Ladder are among the best parts of childhood; It is an excellent time for you to bond with your kid. Mugs of hot chocolate sitting around the fireplace with some cards and playing rummy are also some things you can do with your kids. The idea is to keep them entertained along with productivity and learning at each point. This involves physical activities, games to mind exercises.


The Iconic Hopscotch

This classic game is sure to become a hit indoors. You can set up Hopscotch on any surface. To create the nine connecting squares, masking tape is a great choice. Box 1-3 will be placed one after the other in a single line. Boxes 4 and 5 will be placed side by side. Next, there will be a single box (6), two additional boxes (7, 8), and finally, the “home” base. Since kids are quick learners, they rapidly learn all the games and enjoy them. You can join them in fun, and they will be excited to play it with you.


Kid’s Indoor Play Areas

When it’s your kid’s winter break, you cannot manage your time. Also, you must do more than just let them be at home every time-consuming YouTube and other online games. Mindnasium brings you exciting, safe indoor play areas that have space and fun for your kids. They can have the best time with all our physical activities indoors, so the weather is controlled and keeps your kids warm and cozy. We have a variety of indoor games, from theme-based to general ones, and your kids will be absolutely excited about that.


Cooking with Kids 

If you’re blessed with extra time, you can create a simple, hands-on cooking activity to serve as your next meal or snack. Cooking for children can be about sensory exploration, logical order and confidence building. Let them take on as many chores as they can.

The easiest recipes are ready-to-eat food items like wraps, sandwiches, rolls, and salads. Baking cookies or cupcakes is also something that would excite your kids. Since Children love desserts, you can let them bake something they like with loads of whipped cream, chocolates, and all those dreamy sprinkles.