Learning Activities for Toddlers

Learning Activities For Toddlers

In this era, Toddlers have to carry more weight on their shoulders of books than their creativity and ideas. People often believe that they can only make their children intelligent and creative by pressurizing them into being something that is the product of nothing but materialization and being in a box. The idea of rote learning has destroyed the futures of many children, and now is the time to understand that fun and learning activities are the reason behind the more profound understanding of things. Parents must look for a toddler activity center Franklin Square rather than anything that does not play an essential role in a child’s intellectual growth.


Following is the list of several activities that enhance helps in the learning process:


  • Play doughs:

    It enhances a child’s creativity by allowing them to design several things as per their choice. One can also teach them about numbers and alphabets by practically creating them with dough. Playing with dough will help toddlers to learn colours and shapes as well. Everything can be used for multiple purposes only if it is used appropriately.


  • Plantation Activities:

    Children are more likely to enjoy plantation drives because they get to play with water, seeds and soil. It is often considered an extracurricular activity without understanding the fact that it will allow a child to understand nature and its preservation, climatic change, photosynthesis and fruits and vegetables. Practical demonstrations and activities allow children to remember the concepts with better understanding.


  • Jigsaws and blocks:

    One should make sure that their children invest time playing with blocks and jigsaws. It will help them have a clear understanding of shapes and sizes and develop a sense of arrangement and alignment that they will follow throughout their lives.


  • Free art:

    There must be a particular time in a day when children must be allowed to perform anything they find interesting. Let them draw, sing, dance, or do anything they find their passion in. It will help them find their expertise and talents, which they can build upon.


  • Story reading and Telling:

    The trend of Bedtime stories has been vanishing. Parents need to engage their children in story reading to enhance their vocabulary and reading skills. One should also practice storytelling to understand their child’s ideas and develop their communication skills and confidence, which plays an essential role throughout life.


People can use every little thing to help a child learn various concepts. Practical things and activities attract kids the most rather than just course books. Let them be what they want, let them enjoy what they do and set them free to be whoever they want to be. The early years are when engaging them in activities will facilitate their mental and intellectual growth. If parents cannot provide full attention to their child due to work pressure. In that case, they have an alternative of choosing toddler activity center Franklin Square to make sure that their child is in safe hands and playing with others of their age will give them lifelong experiences. Find the right choice for your children today, and set them on the journey of lifelong engagements and learning.