Mindnasium’s Array of Classes: From Zumbini to Creative STEM Adventures

Kids Stem Activity in New York

Imagine a child’s world where colorful melodies guide leaping footsteps, where mud cakes morph into miniature kingdoms, and where robots dance to the beat of curiosity. This vibrant tapestry of music, art, playful exploration, and STEM education isn’t a utopian dream; it’s the very foundation for nurturing well-rounded, and confident children.

As per a 2021 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, music education and related art subjects have a strong impact on the emotional, intellectual, social, personal development, and psychological well-being of children aged 3 to twelve. Students who participate in enrichment classes for kids that include components of music are more capable of recognizing, expressing, and regulating their emotional states, such as happiness, aggression, or anger. The improvement in emotional and intellectual development equally improves other aspects of learning such as deductive reasoning, graphic representation, creativity, reading, spelling, practical instrumental skills, and education in values.

Hence, a multitude of activities from music to understanding of science and technology under the expanded scope of STEM is important for children to broaden their horizons and use creativity to understand the world around them. Let us explore some interesting musical and experimental classes by Mindasium that help children become confident and intellectual individuals.


Zumbini Based Growth

Zumbini is an interesting program that incorporates movement, music, and play to encourage early childhood development. Zumbini strives to stimulate social, cognitive, and motor skills in infants and toddlers while fostering a bond between the child and their caregiver. These activities include the use of singing, instrument playing, dancing, and props like scarves or stuffed animals to aid in language development, pattern recognition, and memory retention.

Children when introduced to music and cultural elements from an early age can develop rhythmic movements, coordination, spatial awareness, a sense of sense, and predictability. The use of physical activity contributes to the development of a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Zumbini sessions range from 45 minutes to one hour long as part of enrichment classes for kids in Nassau County. Children are greeted with a hello song and light stretching movements that serve as the warm-up. Next, children and caregivers participate in simple dance routines like hopping, twisting, and swaying using props such as scarves. Children are encouraged to sing and form rhythms using musical instruments, drumming, shaking, or tapping.

Cognitive activities within Zumbini include children mimicking patterns or following a sequence of movements set to music that helps pattern recognition. The activities encourage children and caregivers to work together, as they finally move towards the cool-down slow-paced music combined with gentle stretches and simple yoga-inspired movements to promote relaxation.


Creative Arts to STEM Adventures

According to the National Math and Science Initiative, STEM education can bring unparalleled opportunity to children and help develop skills that can be applied beyond the classroom. STEM activities encourage children to think independently and use their creative instincts to solve complex real-life problems. The ability to think creatively leads to design thinking, quantitative reasoning, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills that serve as the foundation for innovation.

Mindnasium’s STEM camps provide the perfect blend of fun and learning. It includes hands-on experiments and educational activities that foster curiosity. From activities like recognizing patterns and shapes to coding classes for kids that help program robots, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life problems.

LEGO kits help children develop dexterity and strength in the fingers, and math games help make learning mathematics enjoyable. Interesting activities like coding games are used to create stop-motion animation using basic physics concepts and designing digital art for imaginative stories and characters. Children also use everyday objects like Play-Doh, paper straws, ice-cream sticks, and clay to make bridges and water filtration systems. STEM activities also foster teamwork, leadership skills, and collaboration in children.



Mindnasium’s vibrant spectrum of learning experiences provides a dynamic environment for children to engage in fun and learning. Whether diving into the rhythmic world of Zumbini or exploring the imaginative realms of creative STEM Adventures, these program sparks curiosity crucial for a child’s growth. As kids collaborate and work together to solve puzzles, they gain confidence and technology literacy that enhances personal growth for a bright future.