Mindnasium’s Play Group: Where Education Meets Fun for Little Explorers

Playgroup for Kids in NYC | Early Childhood Education Center NYC

Fun activities combined with learning provide an excellent way to prepare little explorers for their future journey and success. Imagine children using playgroup activities to act as astronauts, scientists, doctors, and engineers working on innovative and groundbreaking discoveries. Mindnasium’s kids’ entertainment center and play group services are designed for little explorers eager to discover the world through play, creativity, and hands-on experiences.


Integrated Play and Learning Opportunities 

Mindnasium puts emphasis on hands-on experimentation to provide children with the best learning experience. Our playgroup combines educational activities with playful exploration and technological tools that ensure children are engaged, curious, and always learning.

Moving away from traditional playgroup activities, Mindnasium focuses on STEAM-based learning. STEAM in Mindnasium denotes science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics; as children learn science concepts, they use art to express themselves, ensuring science exploration stays colorful and vibrant.

The hands-on science experiments such as snowflake observation, water filtration plants, windmills, ice cream stick architecture, and animals made from Play-Doh provide a unique learning experience.

Not only that, Mindnasium loves to use imaginative play to enhance children’s curiosity and creative skills. Enjoyable storytelling sessions with imaginative play activities, props, dresses, and toys provide a genuinely engaging experience. Children learn to communicate freely and express themselves through their favorite superegos and animal characters.


Developing future-proof Skills

Mindnasium’s indoor play areas for kids at Franklin Square have multiple activities to develop children’s future-proof skills. As children engage with jungle gyms, robots, computer games, and STEM-based activities, they develop problem-solving and decision-making skills that prepare them as future leaders.

Collaborative play and team-based activities help children learn about rules and a principle-based approach where sharing is caring. They learn to appreciate and celebrate the wins of their friends while showing empathy for those who are trying their best to succeed.


Cognitive Development

All activities are designed with educational content and objectives in mind. The STEM-based activities help children learn about plants, the environment, climate change, and our history as humanity. Likewise, math-based education content is focused on improving their ability to compute numbers, identify shapes, and do essential arithmetic functions while being fluent at answering questions.

The technological tools at Mindnasium help children learn cooing through simple block-based games. Children learn to use Minecraft and LEGO platforms to write simple code that can help them automate routine everyday tasks. The robotic kits are designed for children to learn about using technology as an error-fixing and problem-solving tool.

These activities prepare children for higher-order learning, logical reasoning, critical thinking, memory retention, sequencing, pattern recognition, numerical fluency, and abstract thinking, essential for solid cognitive upbringing.


Field Trips

All STEM camps at Mindnasium Kids Entertainment Center include exciting, thrilling, and engaging field trips for children to learn from real-world exogenies. The best field trip we hold is with the Cradle of Aviation, where children explore human history linked to transportation, aviation, and space exploration. 

Their exciting virtual tours about space, the moon, outer planets, and our own planet, Earth, help children expand their curiosity. Children can also sit in the cockpit of space shuttles, play interactive games, and learn from the great works of our ancestors as inspiration for future success.



Come and join Mindnasium as we strive to add fun to classroom learning. Our playgroup activities are aimed at developing bright and resilient future leaders. Mindnasium’s Play Group is more than just a playgroup; it is a community where children thrive.