Open Play

Outdoor Activities For Kids In Nassau County

Why Your Kid Needs Open Play

Open play has proven benefits for children.  It allows for the freedom and space for children to explore their maximum creativity.

This way, they become 100% engaged in learning, meeting their daily requirement for physical and mental activity without much effort from the parent. In addition, open play encourages exploration, active learning, creating, and critical thinking, all of which cater to their mental and physical growth in the long run.

If you’re looking for an indoor playground for kids to reap all these benefits, book your Mindnasium tickets now!

Open Play at Mindnasium

Mindnasium aims to help kids learn, play, and grow with the help of open play. Children that enjoy sufficient physical activity and social interaction are much more likely to become healthy, creative, responsive, and bright adults. Of course, it’s best to start early if you want to help your kids maintain a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Our open play area for kids in NY is the perfect place to get healthy activity without boring or exhausting your children. It includes everything they’ve been dreaming of and more!


Open Play gives children plenty of time to socialize, get physical activity, play with hands-on learning toys, and have endless fun! Here are the activities included in Mindnasium’s open play sessions:

  • Soft padded floor
  • Hands-on STEM toys and blocks
  • For toddler up to 8 years of age
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Mindnasium combines physical and mental activities to boost your children’s development and promote healthy habits. During our open play sessions, they can enjoy hours of running, sliding, hanging, jumping, playing with hands-on STEM toys, and making friends! Mindansium offers parents and children unique and fulfilling experiences.

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