Play Party Ideas For Your Kids

Play Party Ideas For Your Kids


As a child, parties are just the best. What’s not to like about having most of the day with friends, having fun, and enjoying life? As parents, planning and hosting your child’s birthday celebration may seem like a huge task. That’s why Mindnasium offers you chic and old-fashioned ones! birthday themes and classic private plays for children.

Add some excitement and fun to your child’s next birthday party with these hilarious birthday celebration games for children. You can make these easy party games at home and keep them entertained throughout the entire party.

There are indoor and outdoor games for kids to appreciate and beg for more. Be inspired for your next birthday celebration by using our fun games for children’s parties.

  • The Oldie Musical Chair 

You’ve heard the routine; you’ve heard it before, don’t you? Set up one chair less than the number of children playing. The music starts, and everyone goes through the seats until they can hear the music stop. Then everyone sprints to grab a seat as fast as they can. The last person standing out, a chair is removed, and the music plays until there’s one person left standing.

You can make it even more fun by taking the chairs off and playing musical Bobs (bob down as the music stops, and the person who is the slowest to hit the ground gets out) and musical sculptures (freeze in place when the music stops, any person who is still moving gets off) instead.

  • Passing The Parcel 

This requires some planning, but it’s enormously popular with kids younger than I just had to put it on our list of ideas. Before the party, you should purchase an inexpensive, small prize related to the theme of the party or something you are sure your child’s friends and family will enjoy. Wrap it up in layers of paper. Recycled wrapping paper or newspaper works well. It is recommended to have at least one layer for each child. To play, let the kids gather in a circle, passing the wrapped package around the circle as you play some music. After the music stops and the child holds the parcel, it will take off the paper’s outer layer. The music will be played again until one child removes the last layer of paper, revealing their prize.

  • Spoon and Lemon Race 

Players should line up, and each has a lemon in one tablespoon. When it’s time to “go,” players race toward the specified finishing line. If their lemon falls the lemon, they must stop and put it back onto their spoon before continuing (or If you’re strong, return them to the starting point each time the lemon drops!)


  • The Famous Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts (or scavenger hunts) can be a breeze to arrange or as elaborate and elaborate as you like. For a simple and easy experience and easy, place wrapped sweets/lollies in the play area for your guests to search; every guest takes home the items they discover. If you want to make it more complex, you can put a set of tokens in the play area for the guests to search for. The child who locates the most tokens wins. The tokens could include tiny colored gemstones, printed tokens similar to those we used for a goblin hunt, painted rocks, etc.