Savings without Sacrifice: How to Plan an Affordable Birthday Bash in Queens NY

How to Plan an Affordable Birthday Bash in Queens, NY

Birthday parties are special family occasions to bring together your loved ones and cherish the birth of an angel. However, planning a birthday party can be challenging for parents who wish to achieve the best possible result on a budget. But it can be easily made into affordable birthday packages from Mindnasium in Queens, NY. Here are some tips and tricks on how to plan an affordable birthday bash without breaking the bank. 

Tips for Affordable Venues for Birthday Bash in Queens

The real art of planning includes achieving your party goals with the most value and efficiency. Here are some tips for affordable venues you can explore in Queens:

  • Queens has beautiful parks that can be booked for small birthday parties and family gatherings by consulting with the city council or local representatives. Spots like Flushing Meadows Corona Park or Astoria Park offer ample space for kids to run around and enjoy birthday activities in fresh air. 
  • Many local community centers with special occasion event rooms are available for rent at reasonable rates. These open spaces can be decorated with fun activities for kids to enjoy. 
  • Indoor play spaces like Mindnasium provide affordable, all-inclusive birthday packages that include decorations, invites, refreshments, and fun activities for children to enjoy. They also offer theme-matched goodies to make the special event memorable. 

Budget-Friendly Decoration Ideas

  • Get crafty and creative with DIY decoration ideas, including glitters, paper chains, banners, or painting murals. 
  • Use colorful balloons to give a festive and bright look on a budget. Use different colors, sizes, and shapes to match your theme. 
  • Rent costumes that match the birthday theme. You can add superhero costumes, scientist’s coats, royalty dresses, tiara, and crowns to make memorable themes. 
  • Incorporate elements like leaves, flowers, and twigs to create natural and beautiful centerpieces or wall decorations.
  • Reuse old candle holders, fabric scraps, and cardboard boxes to transform the material into play structures.
  • Add a jumping castle and jungle gym to the mix so kids can have a creative and playful event. 

Creative Low-Cost Entertainment Options

  • Plan games based on your child’s favorite theme, such as a space or science-based theme with a laboratory setup, a princess or prince theme with royalty-based imaginative play games, or a superhero theme where children run around and save the world from dangers. 
  • Try creating a creative station where kids can create their party decorations, paintings, and drawings. 
  • Add fun-filled activities like dancing games, singing competitions, musical chairs, and storytelling sessions. 
  • Arrange a talent show with puppets or magicians to showcase exciting acts and magical tricks.
  • Set up a projector and enjoy a fun cartoon or children’s movie in the backyard or living room. 

Inexpensive Food and Drink Suggestions

As part of our final how to plan an affordable birthday bash tips and tricks, here are some ideas on using inexpensive food and drink suggestions for your birthday party:

  • One fun idea is to have a one-dish party where you can ask guests to bring along a dish and create a diverse and delicious theme without a financial burden on a single person. It is best for family outings and birthday parties. 
  • For a refreshing meal, choose simple foods like mini sandwiches, donuts, fruit skewers, and chicken nuggets with juices.
  • Hold a pizza party with a pizza-making station with pre-made dough, cheese, toppings, and sauces for kids to create their pizzas!
  • Offer water, homemade lemonade, or juice boxes as healthier and affordable beverage options.


Mindnasium’s birthday packages come with many attractions, including themed decorations, STEM-based creative activities, theme-matched refreshments, sustainable paper plates and cups, juices, t-shirts, and goody bags for birthday angels and their friends. Remember, planning an affordable birthday party requires creativity and resourcefulness. Choose a package today and transform your little one’s birthday into a magical moment!!