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Steam Engineering

STEAM Engineering Classess

Children are born artists and they are exceptional in building new and innovative things.
STEAM Engineering is one of the best ways to enhance kids’ creativity in various ways.
STEAM stands for- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths

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At Mindnasium, we compile a list of great engineering challenges that are sure to stimulate the creativity of kids, as well as stimulate their critical and analytical thinking skills. All five subjects in STEAM share common values and a common approach. The science, technology, engineering, art, and math challenges require gathering essential pieces of evidence and using them for solving problems with ease.

STEAM learning with Mindnasium happens naturally. Every day, every child with us will learn to explore, play, and will try new things through various activities.

Why is STEAM important?

We will prepare your children for the future. Mindnasium will gear-up and introduce your child to the next level of advancement in the technologies that are just evolving so that they can be competitive in future. Our steam engineering classes are tailored for kids of various age groups and we are conveniently located for kids of Nassau County, Long Island and other nearby areas.

Our STEAM activities will stimulate creativity and help your child learn:

  • How to learn from failure
  • How to keep trying
  • How to persevere
  • How to re-evaluate
  • How to re-design
  • How to re-think about a problem in order to create a unique and innovative solution.
STEAM learning for future success is a must for every child these days!
We are a renowned Children’s entertainment center specializing in STEAM-related activities. At our center, we design creative and mentally engaging activities for toddlers and kids up to 10 years old. Our after school STEAM classes for kids are designed for children across long Island and Nassau county.

What Activities Promote STEAM Learning?

  • Science – science-related activities include growing plants from seeds in a jar, creating kids’ name from crystals, making magnetic slime, etc.
  • Technology– We enhance technological skills through programs and games to boost typing skills, teach about space, practice reading and writing, and other related skills.
  • Engineering – In the engineering activities, children create straw bridges, build structures from sticks, cups, etc.
  • Art and Design – To promote art and design skills, we encourage kids to see how plants absorb water by using food colors, what happens when we mix oils and water colors.
  • Mathematics – We teach your kids about even and odd numbers, counting money, adding currencies, etc.

The Mindnasium team promotes mind as well as body development for children. We make learning fun with STEAM classes and activities at Mindnasium.