STEM Activities at Mindnasium Summer Camp

stem classes for kids in nyc

At Mindnasium, we believe in making learning fun, and we’re excited to bring a unique set of STEM activities for your kids. Our activities are designed to teach in a way that children won’t even realize they’re learning. This blog will introduce our little students to the exciting side of science with Summer STEM Activities, including engaging math, technology, and engineering exercises exclusive to Mindnasium.


Here are some creative STEM Activities at Mindnasium Summer Camp


At Mindnasium Summer Camp, you can always enjoy creative STEM Activities. Explore what these activities are and how these can affect your child’s performance in the best way. These will undoubtedly transform their perspective on the world and take them into a new, thrilling world of science.


Mystery Science Solvers: (Science Inquiry)


This activity encourages curiosity and critical thinking. Children who solve scientific mysteries learn to ask questions, form ideas, and eventually reach to a conclusion. 


Edible Engineering Challenge: (Structural Integrity)


We combined engineering with food to bring out their creativity. Children learn to understand the basic rules of building structures and construction.  


The Great Weather Debate: (Research & Presentation)


Researching and discussing weather fosters the scientific literacy and communication skills of children in Mindnasium Enrichment Camp. They learn to analyze weather patterns and study conditions to understand how global warming affects our lifestyle. It also prepares children to speak on diverse topics, improving their public speaking and presentation skills.


Stop Motion Animation Extravaganza: (Technology & Storytelling)


This STEM activity uses technology and storytelling to create primary cartoon characters and animations. It excites our little artists to learn the basics of storytelling with the help of intuitive characters and structures.


Coding Adventures with a Mission: (Coding & Robotics)


These kids are future conquerors of technology. It is a coding and robotics activity that will boost their interest in the exciting world of artificial intelligence. While playing Minecraft and Lego games, they will learn along with it. 


Virtual Reality Field Trips: (Immersive Learning)


Learning experiences in virtual reality will deepen his understanding of art and three-dimensional simulated environments, and his imagination will be infinite. We take kids to the Cradle of Aviation Museum to help them explore space and tech in virtual reality exhibitions. 


Egg Drop Challenge: (Impact Absorption & Design)


Besides eating, eggs are a fun way to learn engineering principles for kids. They will learn how speed and gravity work. The egg drop challenge allows them to experiment with different materials and designs to drop the egg without damage safely. 


The Cardboard City Challenge: (Sustainability & Engineering)


Your little city constructors will enjoy bringing their ideas to life while playing with cardboard pieces. When they work on urban planning, they learn how to preserve their environment. 


The Green Power Challenge: (Renewable Energy & Design)


Building energy projects like wind turbines or Lego automobiles is another fun way to spend your vacations. Your child will learn to innovate and design solutions to real-world energy challenges.  


Math Olympics: (Problem-Solving & Fun Competition)


At Mindnasium summer camp in NYC, math will not be about the same boring numbers. Instead, this Math Olympics activity will show fun and competitive math activities such as arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Your kid will be in love with mathematics for a lifetime. 


Escape Room Math Challenge: (Math & Critical Thinking)


Solving math puzzles in an escape room setting is the most favored activity for kids. They will enjoy solving math games, puzzles, and riddles to unlock clues. 


The Budget Challenge: (Financial Literacy & Math)


Math is not restricted to plus-minus; it is more than that. Children will learn how to plan a budget, develop a sense of responsibility, and gain practical skills for managing money in the real world.




This summer season will change your kid’s life in an ideal way. He will develop new skills, build confidence, and make lifelong friendships. So, your little ones are welcome to Mindnasium Summer Camp to explore new aspects of early childhood development. Visit our website now to schedule an appointment without further delay.  


Why is STEM Education essential for your child?


Through the STEM summer camp curriculum, your child will discover real-world applications. It’s not just about the immediate fun, but also the long-term benefits. STEM education is essential for your child as it teaches critical skills they will need in their future careers. Learning STEM subjects enhances their curiosity about scientific literacy and helps them make informed decisions about their professional paths.                           


How can Mindnasium help in building cognitive skills?


Mindnasium is more than just a summer camp. It’s a place where your child engages in fun activities that challenge their brain. They play puzzles, games, and exercises that not only improve their memory and attention but also foster their cognitive development. With Mindnasium, you can be confident that your child’s cognitive skills are in good hands.