Summer Camp 2024 – Engaging Recreational Activities at Mindnasium

Summer Camp 2024 at Mindnasium

Children eagerly wait for summer as it is filled with warmth, adventure, and fun. But it is not just about fun, but also about learning and character building. The activities at Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024 provide the right blend of recreational activities, STEM-based learning, indoor play, and arts and crafts activities that aid in children’s physical and cognitive development. Let’s look at what’s part of the exciting Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024.


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Summer Camp Experience at Mindnasium

Mindnasium summer camps are filled with learning and play. Children get to wear their explorer hats and embark on a fulfilling journey with STEM activities, artwork, field trips, indoor play activities, and character-building. Mindnasium has focused on fostering creativity and teamwork by pairing children in small groups. These group-based activities help children make new friends, participate in turn-based play, and solve puzzles together for collective celebrations.


Types of Recreational Activities at Mindnasium Summer Camp

There are many types of activities at Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024 that keep children engaged in fun and learning.


STEM Activities

Mindnasium is renowned for its STEM summer camps with hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, and computer programming-based learning. Children dive into the exciting world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), where they work on exciting experiments such as a water filtration plant, building bridges with ice cream sticks, play Minecraft and Lego games, learn programming, observe color patterns, paint kaleidoscope designs, play with blocks, and solve mathematics riddles. These activities develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in children.


Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts is essential for developing children’s creativity, hand-eye coordination and correlation between sight and sound. Children learn to express themselves through paintings, origami, stories and customized artifacts made from Play-Doh. It encourages budding artists to create masterpieces and memories with their friends. Children often make drawings, paintings and personalized messages for their loved ones and share them through exhibitions.


Indoor Play

The indoor play area at Mindnasium is safe and provides an arena for physical development and cognitive strength. Children can stay active and entertained with jungle gym, wall climbing, slides and exciting board games. There are talent shows, dance-offs, obstacle courses, treasure hunts and storytelling sessions for children to enjoy their summer adventures.


Snacks and Drinks

Expect delicious and nutritious snacks throughout the day. Children get to enjoy refreshing seasonal fruits, granola bars, breakfast snacks, and juices to stay hydrated and energized during the summer camp.


Benefits of Engaging Recreational Activities

Recreational activities provide a productive way to spend our leisure time. There are multiple benefits of engaging children in recreational activities during summer.

  • Stimulates creativity, imagination and artistic skills.
  • Enhances fine motor skills, physical development and hand-eye coordination.
  • Makes children academically sharp with STEM activities.
  • Fosters social skills, leadership skills and teamwork.
  • It helps make new friends and memories.
  • Boosts self-esteem, confidence, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


How to Enroll in Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024

Parents can enroll their children in Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024 in New York through online registration or by visiting Mindnasium’s location near Franklin Square. Our dedicated summer camp coordinators and team members will welcome you and answer all enrolled-related queries. Hurry, spots fill up fast!


Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

What safety measures are in place at Mindnasium’s summer camp?

Fun Activities in Summer Camp 2024 are managed by trained and experienced care coordinators. We maintain a 5:1 camper-to-staff ratio, strict safety protocols, trained staff supervision, first aid stations, hygiene control, regular health screenings and adherence to CDC guidelines to protect children from harm.


What are the timings of Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024?

The timings for Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024 are during the daytime throughout the summer holiday week. The schedule is shared with parents and caregivers daily after enrollment.


What is the optimal age to attend a Mindnasium Kids Summer Camp? 

Mindnasium is the right summer camp for kids up to 10 years old. All challenges and activities are age-appropriate.


How to Choose the Right Summer Camp for My Kids? 

Consider location, activities, online reviews, staff qualification, safety measures, and cost when choosing the right summer camp for kids. Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024 fulfills all these criteria, making it the best Summer Camp in Franklin Square.



Expect children to have a transformative experience at Mindnasium Summer Camp 2024. Mindnasium offers expert supervision, a nurturing environment, age-appropriate activities and STEM-based learning so children stay active, entertained  and creative problem solvers. Contact us to enroll your children in the best Summer Camp today.