Summer Camp

Why Your Kid Needs Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way to keep your kids engaged, active, and learning during their vacations and school holidays. Plus, they get to do it in a way that they love – through fun, socialization, and activities!

Mindnasium Summer Camp offers an all-in Day Camp in a safe and clean environment.  We limit our group size to ensure a fun and educational environment for all of our Campers.   This is a crucial learning time to utilize and introduce your kids to the joy and activities of summer camp at Mindnasium.

In addition to Summer Camp, we also offer winter break camp, spring break camp, and other mini-camps for children up to nine years old. At Mindnasium’s summer camp, our campers learn and explore through hands-on STEAM activities, running, playing, jumping, and having fun!

The activities at our Camps are endless, but they all focus on learning and growing. Here are a few benefits you can expect from sending your children to Mindnasium’s Camp for kids in Franklin Square.

Mindnasium commits to each child’s holistic development, introducing various hands-on activities and physical play to stimulate their mind and body. In addition, we help kids learn by including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities in their Camp day.

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At Mindnasium’s Camp classes, you can expect exciting STEAM camp activities for kids, such as Lego Engineering, Kitchen Chemistry, Science is Magic, Coding, Dinosaur Discovery, and more! Each activity contributes to their fine and gross motor skills differently.

Plus, we make sure to include a healthy amount of fun and physical activity. Kids can enjoy Mindansium’s indoor play area, two-tier jungle gym, slides, mini-zipline, and a traverse rock wall.

Physical Activity
and Field Trips

The best part is that we take our Campers on exciting field trips to destinations each year where they learn about different topics such as environment, seasons, health, history, and more. Previous years’ trips included Alley Pond Environmental Center, Cradle of Aviation, and more. Each destination is the perfect combination of fun and learning for kids up to 10 years old.

Personalized Attention

Mindnasium’s Camps are supervised by an experienced group of instructors and camp leaders, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention for the perfect Camp experience. In addition, we maintain a 5:1 camper-to-staff ratio to ensure ideal supervision.

Individualized attention from our staff helps us understand and help each child with their needs. However, our team is not yet equipped for one-on-one supervision of special-needs children

Social Interaction

Camps at Mindnasium are the ideal place for children to interact and make friends with other campers. Campers work together on different projects, play together with STEAM toys, and run, jump and climb together in the indoor play area. Campers are able to learn and build positive relationship skills and new friendships.

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