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Technology Classess

Coding is a pathway to innovation and exploration. At Mindnasium, we teach kids coding, programming, engineering and much more. We use different technologies, chrome books, Lego education and various other tools to teach coding to kids. Our coding classes promote a passion for technology in your child. We teach kids how to code so that they can utilize and understand technology and become more innovative individuals.

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Are your kids stuck to their video games, iPads, and other smart devices?
It’s time they learn about technology and coding.

Why is Coding all about?

Coding is basically a way to communicate with computers and the latest technologies.
Through Coding, we can build and run video games, websites, apps, and lots more.
We also offer after-school programs, summer camps and many other opportunities for kids to learn more about technology.

Why & when is coding beneficial for kids

  • The best time for kids to learn new languages and programs is from 2 to 10 years of age
  • In our modern, digital age, understanding coding and technology is must for every child.
  • Coding helps in problem solving, which in turn helps in brain development.
  • Coding will help children think about and understand the world in a better way.
  • Coding will prepare your child for a future heavily reliant on technology.
  • Coding helps foster creativity in kids.
  • Coding aids in improving analytical abilities in kids.
  • Coding and Programming can also help kids improve in math.

What do we mean by Coding for Kids?

Our programs provide unlimited opportunities for kids to indulge in Coding. Kids can learn Coding at Mindnasium through our game-based curriculum of fun-filled activities specially designed for children.
Learning to code is just like learning how to speak, write, and communicate in the language of a computer. Children who start coding and programming early will learn much faster.

Fun-Filled Coding For Kids

  • Learn to code, enjoy while building exciting video games.
  • Create, play, and learn at your own speed
  • Get support and encouragement from educated, trained and friendly staff