Throwing the Perfect Private Party for Kids: A Comprehensive Guide to Packages and Planning

Perfect Private Party for Kids

Packages and Planning For Kids Perfect Private Party

Apart from being a place for learning and exploration, Mindnasium offers numerous affordable private party packages for kids in Franklin Square. So if you want to plan the ideal private play date for the kids, head to Mindnasium. Our Private Play party bundles contain everything you need for a child’s group play date. There are two choices available to you. The Mini-Private Play and Private Play packages. The Private Play package can be purchased for up to 10 kids. Up to five kids can use the Mini-Private Play package. Both Packages include exceptional Mindnasium experiences. The entire Centre is yours; feel free to bring your family and guests. There are snacks and beverages for sale.


Entertaining Games:

Kids can enjoy and ask for other games both indoors and outside. Use our entertaining kids’ party games to inspire your upcoming birthday party.

  • Oldie musical chairs:

The routine is well-known to you; you must have heard it before. Place one fewer chair than the kids are playing. As soon as the music begins, everyone moves through the seats until they hear it end. Then everyone dashes as quickly as they can to find a seat. As soon as only one person is left standing, a chair is pulled out, and the music starts.

  • Delivering the package:

This needs some preparation, but since it’s so well-liked by kids my age and younger, I had to include it on our list of suggestions. Before the party, buy a cheap, modest gift linked to the theme or something you know the attendees will like.

  • Lemon and spoon race:

Players should line up, each holding a tablespoon of lemon juice. When it’s time to “go,” participants sprint for the designated finish line. If their lemon drops, they must stop and pick it up with their spoon before moving on (or, if you’re a strong person, bring them back to where they started!).

  • Renowned Treasure quest:

Scavenger hunts (sometimes known as treasure hunts) can be as simple or complex as you wish to plan. Place wrapped candies or lollipops throughout the play area for your guests to find for a quick and easy experience. Each guest gets to take whatever they find a home.



The Premium, Supreme, and Grand birthday party packages are available from Mindnasium. View the package information on our website. To further enhance your child’s special day, please get in touch with us. Entrance to our enclosed play area is included in an affordable private kids’ party. Only children up to 8 years old or 52″ tall are permitted in the play area.